My husband and I often get asked how we can afford to take so many trips all the time. Truthfully, social media is only making people THINK we take trips all the time. We’re certainly not rich, but try to be mindful of spending and make the most out of weekend road trips or day trips within our state. When we want to travel big, we save.

Once you make travel a priority and set a goal, it becomes a habit.



Eiffel Tower Paris


One of my favorite methods to saving is to put a little bit aside every day. Yes. Every. Single. Day. It might be $1, it might be $5, but save every day. Put down that latte… or not–girl needs her coffee–but pass the invitation to eat out every weekend. And no, you really don’t need a new dress for that party. And for the love of god, stay away from Target.



I’ve created a cute little calendar to help me save and if I follow the plan, I’ll have saved $1,285 by next Christmas! That’s easily a ticket to Japan. Or England. Or an entire vacation to NYC paid (with mindful spending). Seriously. Think about what you can do with $1,285 or where you can go! Once you start saving, you won’t even think about it.

Here’s a close-up of what the January plan looks like:

January Savings







As you can see, it’s just a little bit of savings to check off every day. $5 here, $2 there!

Desktop Savings Calendar

You can easily mark your own calendar up, or make your own! I used Picmonkey for this one. What would you do with an extra $1200?